How to Turn Clutter Into Cash

INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville finds out how you can turn the clutter around your home into quick cash.

Have you ever opened up your closets and drawers and thought about how you have to get rid of the junk? Well, think again, it's not junk. Most likely, it's all stuff that can be sold for a lot of cash.

INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville went through the clutter in her house—things her family hasn't used in years, including, clothes, books, toys, and electronics. But was any of it worth anything?

Norville called on professional organizer Lisa Zaslow of Gotham Organizers for advice.

Norville asked, "All of this is stuff that is simply taking up space that I would be thrilled to get rid of. Can I sell this junk on"

"Well, I wouldn't call it junk. You've got some fantastic stuff here," said Zaslow.

One thing that Norville found surprising is one of the top sellers on ebay is used shoes.

"Women's shoes are a hot seller. Depending on the brand, average prices are between $5 and $25 but for designer shoes, it can be hundreds of dollars," said Zaslow.

The same is true for clothing. Norville had a Perry Ellis suit. She found a similar one on eBay for $50. Zaslow says try to offer free shipping. EBay buyers love free shipping.

Norville showed Zaslow a women's Guess watch that she had.

"I don't know where it came from. It's a ladies' watch with butterflies. Brand new, in the box," said Norville.

They found one just like it eBay for $75.

Norville pointed out a coffee maker and asked, "What about appliances? This is brand new."

"Brand new is always good. Typically, you can expect maybe to get half of the new price," said Zaslow.

Next, Norville moved into kid land.

"As kids get older they outgrow things. This basketball has never seen a hoop. It's never seen pavement. There's nothing on it," said Norville.

"I see you've got a number of sporting goods. I would bundle them together in a lot. It saves you the hassle of listing each item," said Zaslow.

If your item has a barcode, like old videogames, you can list it using the free eBay mobile app for smart phones.

"You just scan the barcode, and it will pop up prices and you can just press a button and sell it now," explained Zaslow.

The biggest surprise of the day was a Collector's Edition Barbie. It was a gift in mint condition.

"I don't want to mess it up. This is a Limited Edition Fashion Model Barbie, brand new in the box with the net over her face," said Norville.

Zaslow and Norville looked up the Barbie on eBay.

"Oh my God. This is $100!" exclaimed Zaslow.

"This is my $100 Barbie," said Norville.

"Something that has just been sitting in your closet taking up space," said Zaslow.

"Why not make some extra cash in tough times if you can. It's not a lot of work and you might get lucky," said Zaslow.

"Like my Barbie doll," said Norville.