Has The Bachelor Contacted His Ex-Girlfriend?

When The Bachelor's Jake Pavelka proposed to Vienna Girardie, it seemed like a fairy tale ending. Now, one of Jake's ex-girlfriends says Jake has contacted her since he taped the show. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Handsome pilot Jake Pavelka just proposed to Vienna Girardie on The Bachelor, but now an ex-girlfriend is saying he's not the man America thinks he is.

With her voice disguised, the mystery ex called into a Panama City, Florida radio show and claimed Jake has contacted her since taping The Bachelor.

The radio host asked, "Were you in love with Jake?"

"Yes," she said.

But we can now reveal her name. She's Tonya Douglas, a 24-year-old landscape architect from Orlando. She says she dated Jake for 5 months. Photos posted on her website show her in the cockpit of an aircraft. It was shot in Dallas last summer. The Bachelor pilot lives in Dallas.

Douglas said, "He told me on numerous occasions, he's like, 'I know you love me. I know that he would never do anything to hurt me.' "

Jake issued a statement acknowledging his relationship with Tonya Douglas but said it was over before he signed on to be The Bachelor.

"There was no overlap with that or any other relationship during the show," said Pavelka.

And he accuses his ex of trying to damage his new love.

"It is unfortunate that people such as this are trying to financially capitalize on or disparage my incredible relationship with Vienna," said Pavelka in a statement. 

But Tonya insists The Bachelor has communicated with her since he proposed to Vienna.

"Do you have any info on you and Jake having conversations since the filming on The Bachelor?" asked the radio host.

"I do have information," replied Douglas.