Susan Powell's Father-in-Law Makes Shocking Claims

The father-in-law of missing Utah mom Susan Powell has gone on national TV to make shocking allegations about her. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

"They're trying to destroy my daughter's character, they're trying to attack her," says Chuck Cox, father of Susan Powell. Powell is the Utah mom who has been missing nearly two years.

Cox is speaking out about the bombshell claim now being made about her by her own father-in-law.

"Susan was very sexual with me. She was very flirtatious. I mean, I'm her father-in-law," Steve Powell told Good Morning America.

Steve is the father of Susan's husband Josh, who police say is their only person of interest in her disappearance.  

Steve went on national TV today to say he was in love with his daughter-in-law and they had a flirtatious relationship.

"We interacted in a lot of sexual ways because Susan enjoys doing that," he said on Good Morning America.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd spoke to Susan's father about the jaw-dropping accusation.

"What is your reaction to this bombshell accusation?" Boyd asked.

"It's ridiculous, absolutely no truth to it whatsoever," Chuck said.

On the Today show, Steve described a creepy incident when he claims Susan came on to him:

"She had just waxed her legs she would invite me to feel her thighs because they're nice and smooth, and I was willing to pass judgment by touch test or whatever," he said.

"Frankly all we have is Steve Powell's word, back up by his son, Josh Powell, who won't talk to the police," said Chuck.

Josh also broke his silence today, giving his first sit-down interview to all the network morning shows. 

"Susan is a very flirtatious person when she wants to be," Josh told Today.

He claims Susan ran off with another man after he went camping with their two young sons at midnight in the middle of blizzard in December, 2009. He said Susan often displayed bizarre behavior.

"She has walked out the front door in her underwear, starting walking down the street. And at the time when all this stuff was happening, it was mortifying to me," Josh told an interviewer.

But he also became emotional, saying that he and his two sons still love Susan.

 "These boys love their mommy, frankly including this boy," he said tearfully.

The family feud has gotten so bad that a judge has ordered Josh and Chuck to stay 500 feet away from each other at all times.

"These attacks against my daughter, I cannot let go unchallenged," Chuck said.

Josh Powell has never been arrested or charged in his wife's disappearance.