83-Year-Old Woman Gets Breast Implants

INSIDE EDITION talks to an 83-year-old woman who believes in looking good as long as you’re alive, so she got breast implants.

They're everywhere—breast implants. But on senior citizens? Yes, even them.

One great-grandmother is believed to be the oldest woman on record to have had a boob job. Marie Jolstad underwent a three-hour operation to lift and enhance her breasts.

"Go to a nursing home and show me one perky breast. We had to bring the nipples way up where they belong, and then slightly enhance her," said Dr. Niccole, Medical Director of Cosmeti-Care in Orange County, California.

Jolstad, a widow with 12 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren, has always been a beautiful woman. But in recent years, she didn't recognized the sagging body she saw in the mirror. She compares her cosmetic surgery to buying new makeup.

"If you have an extra wrinkle in your face, you remedy it, you put on some makeup. You do whatever you have to do," said Jolstad.

She says she borrowed her philosophy from 65-year-old Dolly Parton.

Parton said on Larry King Live, "If I see something sagging, dragging or bagging, I have it sucked, tucked and plucked."

"That's kind of my attitude," said Jolstad.

Jolstad isn't alone. Breast implants are on the rise among women 65 and over. Fifteen years ago, there were only around 200 such procedures. Last year, there were more than 2,000.

"I've never done a 90-year-old. Would I do one? Possibly, if she was as alert as Marie," said Dr. Niccole.

Dr. Niccole says Jostad passed rigorous reviews by a cardiologist and a team of anesthesiologists. But Jolstad's children still didn't approve.

"They kept saying, 'Mom, you realize you're 83?' 83. So what?" said Jolstad.

For Jolstad, the decision was simple. She wanted to look as good as she feels.

"Looking at myself, I feel that this is a very natural look," said Jolstad.

Two weeks after her surgery, she hit the pool in Hawaii, feeling great in her cute one-piece. She told her doctor she has only one regret:

"Now I think maybe I could have gone a tiny bit bigger," said Jolstad.