Authorities Raid Home of Susan Powell's Husband and Father-in-Law

There are more bombshell details emerging in the case of missing Utah mom Susan Powell. Her father-in-law, who has been claiming he had a flirtatious relationship with Susan, is now making new shocking allegations. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It's the latest jaw-dropping claim from Steve Powell about his daughter-in-law, Susan Powell, who's been missing for nearly two years.

"I wasn't going to turn down an opportunity with this beautiful woman, even though she was my son's wife. I'm sorry. She is just a wonderful person, and I enjoyed it," Steve Powell told the Today show.

Appearing on Good Morning America and Today, Steve Powell went into shocking and disturbing detail about his relationship with Susan.  

"She would regularly come into my office after taking a shower or things like that and [say] 'Smell my hair, I just shampooed it, it smells nice,' and she would bend over my lap to let me smell her hair...I'm thirty years older than she is. And in fact when Josh actually became aware of it, I said, 'Well Josh, it really was Susan who came on to me,' " he told GMA.

"I couldn't believe he would say that," said Susan's father, Chuck Cox.

Cox is appalled by Steve Powell's claims. "The only person that can refute it absolutely is Susan Powell, and she is missing. My daughter is missing," he said.

Cox said his daughter didn't trust her father-in-law, and that she tried to avoid his advances.

"My daughter told me that Steve Powell had done some things that made her uncomfortable, and that was one of the reasons they moved to Utah from Seattle," he said.

The latest bombshells come as police search the home of Susan's husband Josh, outside Seattle. He lives in the house with his father. Among the items confiscated were computers and Susan's diaries.

In one entry from 1998, a teenage Susan, frustrated with her homework, writes: "So I started swearing...then I start to cry."

"The diaries contain nothing inflammatory. They're the innocent diaries of a child growing up," Cox said.

Josh Powell, who remains the lone person of interest in the disappearance of his wife, claims she ran off with another man.  

Cox said, "There is no way she would ever have left her children! There is no way she ran off with anybody!"

The missing woman's dad is both frustrated and enraged by Steve Powell's claims.

"Steve Powell needs to stop fabricating things about my daughter, stop attacking her," Cox said.

Josh Powell has never been charged with his wife's disappearance.