Wrap Your House to Avoid Hurricane Damage

With Hurricane Irene barreling toward the East Coast, how can you best protect your home? As INSIDE EDITION reports, you can actually wrap your house up to make it hurricane-proof!

It's a homeowner's worst nightmare a vicious storm tearing your house apart.

But an amazing new type of fabric that can protect your home from hurricane force winds.

The material offers a 63 percent decrease in wind resistance. Standing upright is no problem for someone standing behind it, and a house will stay protected.

It's called the CAT-5 hurricane netting system. The mesh is made of specially coated polyester.

To use it, throw a few 10-foot wide sections of the fabric over your home and attach it to anchors secured to the ground. It should take about three to four hours, but it's worth it.

The mesh costs 85 cents a square foot, which means it'll cost about $3,000 to cover an average size house, which is still a lot less than a new roof.

Companies like McDonald's are even using it to protect their signs.

And there are other things you can do to get your home ready for Hurricane Irene, like installing impact windows. The glass breaks, but it won't fly out of the frame.

And remember, with big storms brewing, the time to get ready is now.