Hot Sauce Mom Sentenced in Court

The mother who poured hot sauce in her child’s mouth as punishment is given her sentence in court. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Stunning words came from the mom found guilty of child abuse for pouring hot sauce into her little boy's mouth. As she faced sentencing that could put her behind bars for a year, a tense and tearful Jessica Beagley told the judge she's always done her best to be a good mom.

"I feel it's my most important job to love, care for, nurture, and teach my children," said Beagley. "I've tried to do that every single day that I've been a mom."

But a jaw-dropping video tells a different story, showing Beagley "hot saucing" her 7-year-old son as punishment. It was broadcast on the Dr. Phil show. After the sauce came a freezing cold shower.

The judge did not appear to be moved by Beagley's tearful plea.

"The crime here of child abuse was not a lark. It wasn't a spur of the moment thing," said the judge.

But Beagley got what many consider a mild sentence—a suspended jail term, plus three years probation for a crime that won't soon be forgotten.