College Freshman Dies Following a Party

A beautiful college freshman is found dead after a party where alcohol was served. INSIDE EDITION reports.

18-year-old Ann Hefferin died after attending a party at a University of Central Florida frat house.

She was found later that night by her roommate, who called 911. The 911 call details the roommate's desperate bid to give Hefferin CPR.

Roommate: "My friend was drinking and she woke me up and she's sick and now she's not responding. Her eyes were just open, now they're closed. I don't know what to do. She's purple. She's gasping for air."

911 Operator: "I want you to put your head down close to her face, see if you hear or feel any breathing."

Roommate: "I don't hear or feel anything."

911 Operator: "You don't see her chest rise?"

Roommate: "No, she's not breathing."

Then there was a flicker of hope.

Roommate: "Ok, she's going 'gasp gasp gasp.' "

Roommate: "I barely feel a pulse at all but every couple of seconds she goes 'gasp.' "

911 Operator: "Okay, and she's still gasping for air?"

Roommate: "Yeah."

But it was too late. Hefferin died moments later. Fellow students held a candlelight vigil Sunday night.

  Hefferin's sorority sisters dressed all in white and bore flowers as they mourned their friend. A young reporter from the campus TV station covered the heartbreaking event.

At an opencasket prayer service Monday, Hefferin's roommate, a high school friend, shared memories of the girl they all loved.

"She was such a sweet girl and she did so well in school and she was so caring, and we'll miss her," said the friend.

Hefferin's funeral was held Tuesday.

It's a tragic start to the year for Hefferin's school as well as a grim warning for students everywhere.