Size 3 Woman Gets Liposuction

INSIDE EDITION speaks to a woman who has a figure most women would die for, but she is still getting liposuction!

Regina Rezek has a dazzling figure, yet she decided to get liposuction.

Rezek, a 30-year-old mom, was convinced that her midsection needed a little work!

"My friends and my family all tell me I look perfect and I am crazy for moving forward with this procedure," Rezek told INSIDE EDITION.

Rezek, a mere size 3, said that no matter how much she dieted and exercised, she simply could not achieve what she considers the perfect waistline, so she decided to undergo liposuction!

Enter Dr. David Amron, who calls the procedure "mini-lipo."

"In one hour, I can make the changes in her that she's never been able to do for all these years," said Dr. Amron. "I'm seeing more and more thinner women doing liposuction surgery and the common theme is they've struggled with these areas for years."

The doctor performed "mini-lipo" with a local anesthetic, and was actually able to speak with the wide-awake Rezek during surgery!

It took him less than an hour to remove a pound and a half of fat.

"I feel great. I'm actually surprised at how quick and easy it was," Rezek said after the surgery.

But did it work?

"I've already dropped down to one size smaller than I was before, so I think that everything's looking really good!" Rezek tells INSIDE EDITION.