Strange Twist in Susan Powell Case: Father-in-Law's Love Songs

The case of missing Utah mom Susan Powell took a bizarre turn earlier this month when her father-in-law made claims that he had had a weird relationship with Susan. Now the story has gotten even stranger with the emergence of a love song he allegedly c

It may be the most bizarre twist yet in the Susan Powell mystery.  

We're now learning that the missing mom's father-in-law recorded love songs that her friends say he composed about Susan:

"Waiting for You"
"I could be getting a mistaken impression/
Each time you seem to gaze at me/
You let me touch you softly. Why? Is the question/
And the effect amazes me."

Steve Powell has already made the shocking claim on national TV that he was in love with his daughter-in-law and that she supposedly came on to him.

"I wasn't going to turn down an opportunity with this beautiful woman, even though she was my son's wife," Steve told the Today show.

Now these love songs have just been discovered on a website titled "Music of Steve Chantrey." "Steve Chantrey" is the name Steve Powell uses. He's an aspiring singer-songwriter.  

Here are the lyrics of a song titled "I said, I Love You," which Susan's friends say is all about her:

"You made my eyes pop out of their sockets/
You could empty all my pockets/
This flirtation isn't rocket science/
You came along and really knocked my socks off/
 Now you're all I think and talk of/
 So much for my former self-reliance."

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent spoke to Rachel Marini, one of Susan's closest friends. Marini says Susan told her she rejected her father-in-law's advances and even moved from Seattle to Utah to get away from him. That led him to write this song:

"I'm Missing You"
"I can love you in a secret way/
I can love you each and every day/
There is nothing I can't see/
There is nothing you can't be/
It's not perfect, but I'm missing you."

Trent asked, " 'I can love you in a secret way,' does that sound at all to you like some of the conversations that you had with Susan about her father-in-law?"

"Definitely," said Marini. "After she moved out he still continued to write her letters and ask her out on dates through the letters and he, at one point, she told me, he sent her pictures of himself in these letters, pictures of himself nude."

Susan has been missing for nearly two years and up to now police have said her husband, Josh Powell, is their only person of interest in her disappearance.  

Steve Powell didn't return our calls for comment about his love songs to Susan.

"It's just completely disgusting and inappropriate," said Marini.

Josh Powell has denied any involvement in his wife's disappearance.