Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva Reach Settlement

The long-running feud between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva finally ended when a Los Angeles judge helped them reach a settlement. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Mel Gibson and ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva came face-to-face in a courtroom and finally reached the end of their bitter legal war.

Cameras were allowed into Los Angeles Superior Court as the embattled movie star and his former girlfriend reached a deal. It's the first time their proceedings have been open to the public.

Both parties had to agree to let the cameras in.

"It's very possible that the parties here decided not to oppose cameras instead saying, we've got such horrible negative publicity, let's show the world that we're getting along, we've reached a friendly settlement," said legal analyst Royal Oakes.

The former lovers refused to even look at each other during the hearing.

Gibson will pay a total of $750,000 to Grigorieva, spread over four years. He was also ordered to set up a trust fund for Lucia, his daughter with Grigorieva.

Both thanked the judge for mediating the agreement.

"I'd like to say thanks your Honor, also, for bringing this matter to a reasonable conclusion," Gibson said.

Grigorieva said, "Your Honor, I'd like to thank you for the tremendous help to resolve this matter for what's best for Lucia. Thank you very much"

One of her lawyers spoke outside court after the hearing:

"Oksana and Mel Gibson were in love and they were in love for three years. Lucia was a child born out of love and she was a planned child," he said.

Most observers were struck by the relatively small payoff Grigorieva received.

"The $750,000 settlement sounds like a lot of money but really, given the massive wealth of Mel Gibson and some of the high-profile celebrity divorces, it's just not that much money," said Oakes.

"Oksana settled this case today because it was in the best interest of Lucia because this cooperation that will be going forward is what both parents want for Lucia," Grigorieva's attorney added.