X-Ray Machines, Amazing What They Can Find

An Arizona man is doing surprisingly well after being impaled by garden shears. He's the latest addition to what we call the INSIDE EDITION "X-ray Hall of Fame."

It's a jaw-dropping image of an X-ray showing pruning shears imbedded in the face of a man following a freak gardening accident.

Incredibly, 86-year-old Leroy Luetscher not only survived, he's just fine. He can even still see from that eye.

At a press conference Luetscher said, "When I felt up there I sort of pulled on it and it seemed real solid so I just left it alone and I realized it was the clippers."

We've seen these sorts of X-rays before, and they never fail to amaze us.

Another X-ray shows a car key embedded in the brain of a 17-month-old boy. It happened when he was running with the key in his little hand and tripped. Don't worry, he's fine too.

"We're reminded every day when we look at his beautiful blue eyes of what a miracle it truly is," said the boy's mother.

In another case, a 2-year-old girl fell on a screwdriver. It poked right through her eye and into her brain.

 "I'm thinking, 'She's going to die. I'm going to lose my baby!' "

Incredibly, Tegan Gizzelson is okay too.

Remember the little girl with the safety pin lodged in her nose?  So how'd it get there? Turns out Lexi McCarter stuck the pin in her nose when she was about a year old. Incredibly it remained there for five years before she started complaining about nose bleeds.

And what may be the most shocking of all is the X-ray of a construction worker with six nails embedded in his skull after he fell and accidentally triggered a nail gun. 

Another startling X-ray with a happy ending.