Cher Defends Chaz Over Dancing with the Stars Critics

Cher defended her son, Chaz Bono, by firing back at critics over Chaz appearing on Dancing with the Stars. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Don't mess with Chaz. That's the message from an outraged Cher, who's striking back at the "stupid bigots" slamming her son.

"Chaz is being viciously attacked on Blogs & Message boards about being on DWTS. This is still America, right?" Cher tweeted.

It was the first of a stream of furious tweets from the protective mom.

Cher tweeted again, saying, "I support him no matter what he chooses 2do! God! Will there always be haters!" And, "Mothers don't stop getting angry with stupid bigots who (bleep) with their children!"

Chaz responded, "Thanks for all your support mom. The haters are just motivating me to work harder and stay on DWTS as long as I possibly can."

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd Skyped with Monica Cole of, a conservative watchdog group calling on supporters to "email ABC" and complain about the casting of Chaz.

"We will not be able to watch the show with Chaz on there. This is going to be very confusing for children and should not be included in their cast," said Cole.

"What do you say to people who believe you and your organization are being intolerant?" aked Boyd.

"We are not attacking Chaz directly. We're asking ABC network to choose a different cast member," said Cole.

Sharda Sekaran from the gay rights group GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is firing back.

"This is an opportunity for people around the country to get to know more about Chaz and through Chaz's story learn more about transgendered people," said Sekaran.

The national debate about the first transgender cast member on the popular show is lighting up the internet. On INSIDE EDITION's Facebook page, Catherine writes, "I will not watch this bunch of misfits! Chaz bono? Really???"

But Linda says, "I think it's great. Leave Chaz alone."

That thought is echoed by Chaz's fellow contestant, Nancy Grace.

"We should accept other people regardless of who they are, what they become, or what their choices are," said Grace.