Details Emerge on Dad Who Reportedly Threw His Son Overboard

INSIDE EDITION has the latest details that have emerged on the father accused of throwing his 7-year-old son overboard from a harbor cruise.

Sloane Briles is the man who shocked the nation by allegedly throwing his 7-year-old son off a tour boat. He insists it was all in fun.

"It's not like I threw him off. We went off together, it was just like, almost a hand-in-hand. My sons are my life," said Briles.

But at least one person would disagree with Briles—his ex-wife, Christin.

Court documents obtained by INSIDE EDITION depict the ex-wife's ongoing battle to collect child support from Briles, an out-of-work loan officer.

"Sloane has shown little effort to find and hold down a job. If he truly wanted to support his boys, he would find a job," wrote Christin in the court documents.

Briles allegedly threw his 7-year-old son Teegan off the boat because he wouldn't stop crying. Passengers who called 911 were horrified.

Briles's ex-wife has filed a protective order to keep him away from herself as well as her sons, noting that the shocking incident aboard the boat called "The Queen" was preceded by another disturbing event.

"The day before, the children stated, Sloane was firing "air soft" guns at the children's bodies," said Christin.

And there was another chilling allegation from Christin.

"Sloane has made several threats to me over the years. Two weeks ago he stated, 'I'm going to (blank) you up.' "

When INSIDE EDITION asked Briles about his ex's order of protection he had this to say: "I'll fight it tooth and nail. There's no way I'm going to lose my boys. No way."