Some Critics Give Harsh Review Of Madonna's Film and Face

Madonna is no stranger to criticism and her premiere at the Venice Film Festival was no exception as some critics gave harsh reviews of her film and her face. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

What's up with Madonna's face? The 53-year-old pop diva was the talk of the Venice Film Festival, where reporters at a news conference buzzed about her "suspiciously taut, youthful face" that they noted was "amazingly line-free."

The British newspapers are saying Madonna may be using an unusual beauty treatment involving human placenta facials.

And if the catty comments about her face aren't enough, wait until you hear how critics are reacting to her new movie W.E., which she wrote and directed. It's the true story of Wallis Simpson, the American divorcee whose romance with Britain's King Edward led to his abdication in 1936.

First reviews are calling it "extraordinarily silly" and "the turkey that dreamed it was a peacock."