Car Owner Confronts Thief

INSIDE EDITION talks to a young woman who spotted her stolen car and confronted the thief while on the phone with 911.

A frantic 27-year-old Jovan Williams of Aurora, Colorado, discovered her stolen Jeep in a parking lot and called 911:

Williams: "I think I just found my stolen car."

You won't believe what happened next. She actually confronted the car thief while on the phone with the 911 operator.

Williams: "Is this your car or is this my car?"

Car thief: "This is my car."

Williams: "This is not your car, this is my car!"

Car thief: "No, this is my car."

Williams: "This is not your (blank) car!"

Car thief:  "This is my car."

Williams: "Do you want to bet money? This is my car. Stop!"

Williams even grabbed the Jeep's door handle as the thief sped away.

"The tire hit my foot and my pants and that's when I let go," said Williams.

Williams: "They just (beep) drove off with my car!"

The Jeep was found abandoned two days later.

It was totally trashed, apparently a final slap in the face to Williams for getting in the thief's face.

He shattered the windshield, ripped out the stereo, and even went to the trouble of replacing four brand-new tires with totally bald ones.

Just to make sure his message got through, he poured water in the gas tank and scratched an obscenity on the hood.