September 11th's 'Dust Lady' Reunites with Ground Zero

As the nation looks back ten years to the attacks on the World Trade Center, INSIDE EDITION caught up with the woman in this iconic photo who became known around the world as ‘The Dust Lady.'

It's one of the most iconic images from that terrible day 10 years ago:  A woman in a state of shock, covered from head to toe in the dusty debris of the fallen towers she had just escaped.  

She became known to the world as "The Dust Lady."

We joined Marcy Borders as she made an emotional trip returning to Ground Zero for the very first time in ten years.

Stan Honda was the photographer who snapped the world-famous shot.

"It was an eerie sight to see someone elegantly dressed like that, and completely covered in dust," said Honda.

Border's life spiraled out of control after 9/11. She fell into drug and alcohol addiction and even lost custody of her children for a short time.  

"My mess was spilling over into my childrens, and I knew that it was time to get yourself together," said Borders.

Now Borders is clean and sober and ready to face the fears that kept her from returning to Ground Zero.  

Even the memories of escaping down 81 floors, memories that she suppressed for so long, are now coming back to her.

"Looking back and the smoke was chasing me, and then the debris caught up with me and threw me, and then the whole world was silent," said Borders.

What about the world-famous picture today?  How does Borders feel about it 10 years later? 

"I look at that picture now as victory, not the victim," said Borders.