Chris Brown Raises Eyebrows with Car Surfing Video

Chris Brown has been working hard to repair his image, but a new video of Brown car surfing posted on his Twitter page is causing controversy. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

New video shows Chris Brown putting his life on the line in a crazy car surfing stunt.

Brown is riding on the roof of a car in the video he posted on his Twitter page.

He screams, and seems to be clinging on for dear life.

Car surfing is a deadly craze that has killed scores of people in recent years. Young people stand or hang on the roof of a moving car. Videos of people car surfing are often posted on YouTube.

Children as young as 10 have been hurt car surfing, at speeds as low as five miles an hour.

The federal government has even issued warnings about car surfing, calling it "a dangerous, thrill-seeking activity."

It's not the first time Brown's recklessness has raised eyebrows. Who can forget the time he smashed a window at the Good Morning America studio after being questioned about assaulting his girlfriend Rihanna?

Brown's electrifying performance at the Video Music Awards in August was another step toward repairing his image.

But now, the video of the car surfing stunt is causing controversy.

Responses from bloggers include:

"Is he crazy, trying to get himself killed?" and "Are you nuts?"

But another writes, "I wana [sic] try it!

So for someone who's a role model for countless impressionable young people, the big question is, what was he thinking?