3-Legged Pup Named Champion Thrives After Rescue From Alleged Hoarder Home

Shelter workers amputated when they realized the injury on his leg might be months old.

This three-legged pup is named Champion, and rightfully so.

Named after the three-legged dog in "Parks and Recreation," the 7-month old shepherd blend pup is thriving after he was rescued.

Authorities saved the pup from an alleged hoarder home in the fall, and when a local animal shelter couldn’t provide the medical attention he needed, they organized a transport to the Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego.

“[He] was just 6 months old [at the time of rescue], was barely receiving the nutrition and care he needed and walked with an exaggerated limp, unable to put weight on his front leg,” the shelter said in a statement. “When medical staff examined Champion’s leg, they found it was severely broken in two places, including his knee joint.”

The shelter added that the injury likely occurred months before they discovered it, and Champion’s leg had already developed arthritis.

After a six-hour amputation surgery, Champion was quickly back on his feet.

“His confidence is growing each day,” his foster mom, Rebekah, said in a statement. “He will do great with a family that can be around to show him lots of encouragement, love and affection, as these are truly his greatest desires.”

To inquire about adoption, visit the shelter’s website.