The Tiger Woods Syndrome

Since the Tiger Woods scandal broke, suspicion has increased among many women that their partners may be cheating on them. INSIDE EDITION reports on what some are calling the "Tiger Woods Syndrome."

Call it the Tiger Woods Syndrome -- a new epidemic sweeping the nation. Wives worrying that their "nice guy" husbands are cheating on them.

Sex therapist Susan Block says, "Their wives are hitting them over the head with a proverbial frying pan, saying, 'If Tiger Woods can do it you can too!' "

Block says since the Tiger Woods story broke more women are asking her for advice about whether their husbands are cheating. And therapists aren't the only ones who've noticed an uptick in business since the Woods' story broke.

Private investigator Tony DeLorenzo says, "In the past month I've probably had 30 to 40 percent more women coming to me who suspect that their husband might be cheating and it's all due to Tiger Woods." DeLorenzo specializes in catching cheating husbands in the act. He's written a book, Warning Signs: How To Know If Your Partner is Cheating And What To Do About It.

Here are some of the signs your man may be cheating:

He starts taking much better care of himself.

He talks incessantly about a female coworker or friend.

He starts acting overprotective of his cell phone or computer.

DeLorenzo says, "If they're working overtime how come you can't reach him on the cell phone? How come you can't call him at the office and they pick up? When he does come home that night how come he's smelling of perfume or alcohol when he's supposed to be in a meeting."

Tips that are perhaps a little too late for Elin Woods.