3-Year-Old Amputee Takes His First Unassisted Steps in Special Video: 'He Just Amazes Me'

Taylor fell ill with meningococcal septicemia at 8 months old.

An England mom couldn’t have been more proud when she saw her 3-year-old son take his first unaided steps with prosthetic limbs.

Terry Lewsley, of Derbyshire, said she was shocked when staff at her son’s daycare sent her the precious video of her son, Taylor Lewis, walking with no help.

“I didn't think it would be this soon to taking his first steps but it just shows nothing will stop him,” Lewsley told InsideEdition.com.

In a video of the moment, Taylor can be heard saying, “I can’t do this.” But, his teacher quickly encourages him, “Yeah, you can!”

And then he begins walking on his own.

“I was over the moon when I received a video,” Lewsley said.


Taylor fell ill with meningococcal septicemia at 8 months old. His family wasn’t sure he would survive as he was in a coma for 17 days. 

“It was a massive roller coaster of emotions for me, but my boy was a fighter,” Lewsley said.

Taylor had his two hands and one of his legs amputated during his hospital stay. He was finally released seven months after his diagnosis.

Last September he had his other leg amputated. The toddler was then fitted for his first prosthetic legs.

“He was so happy to get his new legs because they were Spider-Man's print,” Lewsley said. “He is obsessed with superheroes! He loves having his legs on because he likes to be taller like his friends.”

The 3-year-old works consistently with a physical therapist. He has been doing more walking by himself since that first moment. 

“He just amazes me,” Lewsley said. “I hope one day that I will be able to see him running with his friends, playing football, and not having to worry about him falling over. I can't wait to see the day he wakes up in the morning puts his legs on and just goes about his day like we all do.”