3-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy Takes Her First Steps to Santa's Sleigh

Her mom called it their "Christmas miracle."

A girl with cerebral palsy recently took her first steps, all the way to Santa’s sleigh.

Esme Hodge, 3, of Gloucester, England, took the first steps of her life without the help of a frame or her parents during a visit with St. Nick last weekend.

“To watch her walk over to Santa was our very own Christmas miracle,” her mom, Angela Hodge told SWNS. “When we saw her going up to Santa we were bursting with pride.”

Esme was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and spastic diplegia last year after having trouble with her left side since she was born.

She relied on a frame or wheelchair to get around until her family was able to raise enough money for her to undergo surgery in September.

Although doctors said it would be six months to a year before she started walking on her own, Esme took the stroll up to Santa’s sleigh just in time to let him know that she would like a horse for Christmas.

Esme continues to practice her walking skills and her mom said their next goal for her to walk herself to class next September.

“I have got just as much pride watching Esme walking as watching my other daughter doing gymnastics,” her mom said.