Back-to-School Makeovers for Moms

INSIDE EDITION talks to three moms who make sure they look great for their kids' first day of school.

It's a big day as Courtney Cachet gets her kids ready for the first day of school. The New Jersey mom of two made sure her kids had new backpacks and clothes. But she also made sure she looked perfect herself.

Cachet is part of a growing trend of mothers making sure they look fresh and fantastic when their kids go back to school.

That's right, their kids' first day of school is also the day to strut their stuff.  

At the Ricardo Rojas Salon on Manhattan's Upper East Side, Cachet relaxed with a facial before getting a new hairdo and makeup.  

"I am ready for back to school!" says NYC mom Lyss Stern.

Stern, who runs the website, slowed down long enough to get her curly locks blown out.  

Lora Lindsey says, "It's a new beginning, new year at school, and time for a new hairdo."

Lindsey got a new haircut and fresh makeup for the first day of school. She got Botox, too!

Dr. Sharon Giese says lots of mothers are making appointments right before school starts.

She tells INSIDE EDITION, "The beginning of the year is the same for mom and for kids. It's about refreshing and renewal and so it's very, very common that I see this."

Looks like back-to-school for these moms means back to beautiful!