INSIDE EDITION at the Oscar&#174 Parties

Oscar® night doesn't end when the last envelope is opened. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop on the hottest parties of Hollywood's biggest night. 

The night doesn't end when the last envelope is opened. In fact, it's just getting started and the parties kick off at the Governor's Ball.

Sandra Bullock came to the Governor's Ball, Oscar® in hand, but all she could think about was food!

"I want to go inside. I would like to eat," said Bullock.

Jeff Bridges celebrated his Oscar® win with his wife of 33 years, Susan, but no champagne for him. Bridges stuck with water.

At the Governor's Ball the winners got their statues engraved. Best Director Kathryn Bigelow almost lost track of hers.

"Is that mine or someone else's?" asked Bigelow as she tried to keep track of her awards.

INSIDE EDITION spotted John Travolta hanging out with Robin Williams, and Barbara Streisand grabbed a bite with her actor Bradley Cooper. Sandra Bullock stayed close to hubby Jess James.  And Robin Williams took a fun picture with Oscar® winner Mo'Nique.

Over at the Vanity Fair party, Hillary Swank turned heads in the most daring gown of the night, with a neckline that plunged almost to her navel.

Some stars did a quick change. At the Oscars®, Cameron Diaz shimmered in a strapless gold dress by Oscar de la Renta, but had changed into a belted silver outfit from Victoria Beckham's collection when she hit the party circuit. And Jennifer Lopez changed from a gorgeous figure-hugging pink gown into a glamorous full-length black dress.

And you'll never guess who showed up at the Night of 100 Stars party. It was Joslyn James, Tiger Woods's former mistress!

"Its Oscar® night. Obviously I'm happy and I just wish him and his family the best, and to continue on with my life and move forward," said James.

Alec Baldwin almost didn't make it to the after-parties. His limo got into a fender bender with a cab. The Oscar® host tried to hide from photographers by covering his face with an Academy Awards® program.

And there was plenty of drama before the Oscars®, when Best Actress nominee Helen Mirren was asked by an autograph hunter to sign a photo of herself taken in 1969. She gave a sour look, and then she ripped it up! So why was she so upset? It was a risque modeling photo taken of her when she an unknown 24-year-old.

Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane made his fans work for their autographs. He refused to sign anything until they sang the theme song from The Flintstones.