Mo'Nique's Big Win

Mo'Nique took home the Oscar® for Best Supporting Actress, and managed to win without campaigning the way most people in Hollywood expect. INSIDE EDITION talks to the actress who's making her mark in her own way.

Mo'Nique's win as Best Supporting Actress comes as no surprise, she was widely considered to be the front runner in the category. She's winning kudos though, not only for her performance but for her refusal to play the Hollywood game. Mo'Nique's victory brought down the house on Hollywood's biggest night.

"I would like to thank the Academy® for showing that it can be about the performance, and not the politics," said Mo'Nique.

Unlike most of her competitors, Mo'Nique did not actively campaign for her Oscar® in Precious. She said she wanted the work to speak for itself. Some insiders thought that would blow her chances.

"Not only am I this actress, I'm also a talk show host, I'm also a stand-up comedian, I'm also a wife, I'm also a mother. How many hours are there in a day?" said  Mo'Nique.

Mo'Nique's blue gown and the gardenia in her hair were a tribute to the first African-American to win an Academy Award.

Hattie McDaniel wore a similar outfit when she won best supporting actress in 1940 for Gone with the Wind.

"For you miss Hattie McDaniel, I feel you all over me, and it's about time that the world feels you all over them," said Mo'Nique.

Never far from Mo'Nique's side on her big Oscar® night was her husband, Sidney Hicks. She was close to tears speaking to him during her acceptance speech.

"Thank you for showing me that sometime you have to forgo doing what's popular in order to do what's right. And baby, you were so right," Mo'Nique said to her husband in her speech.

INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville asked Hicks, "How proud are you?"

Hicks replied, "One word, incredibly. Incredibly proud."