Bystanders Rescue Man Trapped Under Burning Car

A group of brave bystanders are being credited with saving a man's life after they risked their own lives to lift a burning car off of the motorcyclist pinned underneath. INSIDE EDITION has the incredible story.

It was an amazing rescue, and every dramatic moment was caught on tape. A dozen bystanders risked their lives to lift a burning vehicle off an injured man and drag him to safety.

"I just grabbed my camera and started shooting," says grad student Chris Garff, who was videotaping a lecture at Utah State University near Salt Late City when he saw the terrifying scene out the ninth floor window.

"As people started gathering around the car you could see the panic you could see that there was someone trapped, you could hear it in the video, we were just in shock," Garff says.

A motorcycle had just collided with a BMW and the rider had been sent sliding   under the car.  

Flames threatened to ignite the gasoline tank, turning the car into a fireball. A woman bravely looked underneath the vehicle and realized the motorcyclist was unconscious.

Then, in an inspiring display of people power, a dozen strangers, students, construction workers, cops, and other bystanders worked together to lift the burning, nearly two-ton car to rescue a total stranger.

At first the injured man was lying spread-eagle and motionless. But after police gave him first aid, he moved an arm.

"What do you see when you look at that video from start to finish?" asks INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd.

"I see the best of humanity in that video, I see good people helping out someone in need," says Garff.

The motorcyclist, 21-year-old Brandon Wright, a Utah University student, was taken to the hospital with burns and broken bones.

He is going to make it, thanks to those brave bystanders.