730-Pound Susanne Eman Aims To Be Fattest Woman In The World

INSIDE EDITION talks to a 730 pound woman about her goal to become the fattest woman in the world as she hopes to weight at least 1,600 pounds one day.

She weighs a staggering 730 lbs and she isn't stopping there.

Her name is Susanne Eman. She is consuming 20,000 calories a day, hoping to gain 100 lbs a year until she reaches her goal.

"Usually when I'm getting full after I've eaten a little bit, I rub my tummy, to make room for more," says Eman.

Incredibly, she is attempting to eat herself into the record books as the "fattest woman in the world."

"Is this uncomfortable for you?" asked INSIDE EDITIONS Jim Moret.

"Not at all, it feels nice and soft. It feels wonderful. My ultimate goal is 1600 lbs," said Eman.
"Do people tell you, you must be crazy?" asked Moret.
"I get that all the time," said a laughing Eman.

The 32-year-old single mom lives outside Phoenix. Her two teenage boys are a huge help at the supermarket, where their mom loads shopping carts full of food.

She showed Moret her typical 9,000 calorie breakfast, six eggs, scrambled in a half a stick of butter.

She feasts on six slices of toast, four potatoes, a half pound of bacon, and a calorie rich thick shake.

"I'm full looking at this, this is your breakfast," said Moret

Incredibly, she'll then polish off three ham and cheese sub sandwiches.

She devours snacks all day long, bags of cookies, and a tray of chocolate brownies.

"You know us girls we have to have our chocolate," said Eman.

For lunch and dinner Eman eats: plates of stuffed tacos dipped in sour cream, and a two-liter bottle of soda.

Supporting a 20,000 calorie a day diet runs up quite a grocery bill.

"What does you doctor say?" asks Moret.

"He says I'm playing Russian roulette," responded Eman.

Eman goes for regular medical check-ups and amazingly, despite all the health risks associated with morbid obesity, so far, her doctor says she's in good health.

"She seems to be perfectly healthy except for the morbid obesity," said her physician, Dr. Patrick Fyte.

Each day, Eman hits the pool for some aqua stretching and a leisurely swim, comfortable with the way she looks.

"You feel sexy and attractive?" asked Moret.

"It's almost like I can imagine, like all-natural Play-doh. Move it around whenever I want to. Have fun," laughed Eman.

Eman says she'll continue to pack on the pounds until she's the heaviest woman in the world.