Jackie Kennedy Audio Tapes Already a Bestseller

The Jackie Kennedy tapes show a different side of the former First Lady, who gossips about well-known public figures and reveals private details about her marriage and life in the White House. The official release date of Jacqueline Kennedy: Histor

The official release date isn't until tomorrow, but the Jackie Kennedy interview tapes are already number one on amazon.com.

Jackie's extraordinarily candid words of her time in the White House have the whole nation buzzing.

Jackie makes biting comments about her successor as First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson:

"She was sort of like a trained hunting dog," Jackie said.

And she accuses her sister-in-law, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, of pressuring President John F. Kennedy to appoint her husband, Sargent Shriver, as head of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.

"Eunice was pestering Jack to death to make Sargent head of HEW because she wanted to be a cabinet wife. You know, it shows you, you know, some people are ambitious for themselves," Jackie said.

But Jackie also comes across as the obedient housewife typical of the 1960s. She says she viewed her role as creating a loving home for her husband.

"Everyone should be trying to help Jack in whatever way they could, and that was the way I could do it the best, you know, by being not a distraction," she said.

"JFK was an incredible philanderer, that's just the way he was, we all know that, and despite all that she knew of him, she deeply loved this man," said author Laurence Leamer.

The tapes were recorded four months after President Kennedy's assassination.