Tareq Salahi Claims Wife Michaele Has Been Kidnapped

Ever since making headlines for crashing a White House state dinner, the Salahis have found a way of staying in the spotlight. But now, in the most shocking development yet, Tareq Salahi believes that his wife Michaele has been kidnapped. INSIDE EDITIO

There's shocking news today from the businessman who shot to infamy as the White House gatecrasher: he believes his wife has been kidnapped!

Tareq Salahi says his wife Michaele was abducted in Virginia on Tuesday!

"We are reaching to the public pleading desperately for your help," he is quoted as saying. "We are asking the public to please be on the lookout for her."

The Salahis will always be remembered for the way they schmoozed their way into a White House state dinner in 2009 without an invitation.

Tareq claims his wife went to have her hair done on Tuesday morning but never showed up.

Later that night, he says, he got a cell phone call from her saying she was going to visit her mother's home, just a few minutes away.

But he says she never showed up at her mother's house. He further claims that when he called the cops to report the matter, they said Michaele had already called them to say she was just dealing with some family issues.

But Tareq still believes his wife is in trouble, and scoffs at the notion that it might be a publicity stunt.  

"Michaele Salahi may have been kidnapped or abducted and being held under duress and forced to tell persons, including authorities she is okay," he is quoted as saying.