Woman's Severed Hand Reattached Through Medical Miracle

INSIDE EDITION talks to a grandmother who accidentally cut off her own hand with a power saw, and is thanking the miracles of modern medicine today.

It's a shocking X-ray of a severed hand, complete with a wedding ring. A dramatic 911 call was made by a neighbor of the victim.

Caller: "There's a lady who says she cut her hand off. She stopped me in front of her house. She said her hand's gone."

Pat Marvin can wave and wiggle her fingers again because her severed hand was reattached in a medical miracle.

The 64-year-old grandmother, whose hobby is carpentry, was cutting wood with a power saw in the basement of her Columbus, Ohio, home when the saw slipped. In an instant, her hand was sliced clean off.

"I looked down and I just shook my head, because I realized it was my hand lying there," said Marvin.

The chilling X-ray shows nothing was left but a stump.

Marvin was in shock, but still managed to wrap her sweatshirt around the horrific wound to create a tourniquet.

Marvin said, "I started screaming, 'Could somebody help me. Somebody please help me. I cut off my hand and it hurts a lot!' "

She staggered up the stairs and out to the street where a good samaritan called for help.

911 Operator: "Can you see her hand at all, sir?"

Caller: "No. I see blood all over her foot and all over her other hand."

When the ambulance arrived, a paramedic scooped up the severed hand and put it in a bag of ice.

Marvin was rushed to Riverside Methodist Hospital, where Dr. Lawrence Lubbers immediately performed surgery.

Marvin's hand was reattached using steel rods and screws. The delicate operation took eight hours. Part of the bone had to be smoothed down, shortening her arm by an inch, but grandma got her hand back.