Deborah Norville DJ's Z100 Morning Show

INSIDE EDITION's own Deborah Norville took a turn as DJ on the popular radio show Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, to find out just how busy a morning can get.

INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville was busy at work answering the phones for one of the hottest radio shows in the country, Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.

Norville asked Duran, "I get to be the one who decides, or helps decide if they're going to get on the air with you, right?"

"It's not as easy as it sounds," said Duran.

And it wasn't. Carla-Marie, the phones producer for the show, showed Norville the ropes. Very quickly, phones were ringing off the hook at Z100 in New York City.

Norville took call after call. Things often got out of control. One of Duran's sidekicks, Danielle, lost her breakfast after another sidekick, Greg T., ate sardines live on the air.

"Oh my God! She just threw up. She threw up in the garbage can," said Norville.

"Deborah, have a sardine," said Duran.

"I will not have a sardine," replied Norville.

After airing out the studio, her time on the air was over.

Duran said, "Deborah Norville, thank you so much for joining us."

"It's been a blast," said Norville.