The Sexiest Flight Attendants Ever

The world's sexiest flight attendants are bringing the golden age of air travel back by adding glamour to the skies. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the red-hot crew.

It's the new show that's putting the sexy back in flying. ABC's Pan-Am has everyone hankering for the golden era of air travel!

But you don't have to travel back in time for the Pan-Am experience.

Meet the world's sexiest flight attendants, they work for Virgin Atlantic. And yes it's official. They were voted number one in a survey by business travelers.

Their nickname? The Red Hotties!

INSIDE EDITION paid a visit to Virgin's training center outside London where they actually have a beauty school.

Every Virgin flight attendant comes here to get tips on how to look red hot; they pick up their standard issue sexy red heels and are carefully fitted for that iconic red uniform.

They even use hairspray to keep their scarves in place.

Virgin crew members like to walk through the airport in formation, reminiscent of that memorable scene in Catch Me If You Can!

But Virgin's sexy image is not without controversy.

When an ad ran in 2009, the airline was labeled sexist, but Virgin is proud of its glamorous image.

"When you're in your uniform, you just feel amazing. It's a nice, warm feeling," said a Virgin flight attendant.