Why Was Millionaire Bob Ward Laughing During His Murder Trial?

A former neighbor of Tiger Woods on trial for murdering his wife displayed some rather upbeat behavior while in jail. Now, his daughter takes the stand to defend him. INSIDE EDITION has the story. 

A young woman takes the stand at the murder trial of her millionaire father.

You may remember Mallory Ward from a bizarre jailhouse video in which her father, behind bars for allegedly shooting his wife, does a dance and mini-striptease routine.

Mallory, visiting her father in jail, chuckles in the background.

The tycoon's other daughter, Sarah, was also in court for her father's trial, and broke down sobbing.

Ward, a wealthy realestate developer and one-time neighbor of Tiger Woods, is accused of murdering his wife Cathy.

Prosecutors played the 911 call that Ward made the night his wife died of a gun blast.

Ward: "I just shot my wife."

911 Operator: "You just shot your wife?

Ward: "I shot my wife."

Sarah, Ward's youngest daughter, had to be consoled by the dead woman's sister as the 911 call was played.

911 Operator: "Is she breathing?"

Ward: "No, she's dead."

911 Operator: "She's not breathing or ..."

Ward: "She's dead. She's done. I'm sorry."

911 Operator: "Sir, did you purposefully do this? Or was it an accident?"

Ward: "It was an accident."

Ward's arrest in the death of his wife stunned the ritzy Florida community.

"This community is like what, this is the paradise of the rich and famous. Tiger Woods, Shaquille O'Neal," said prosecutor Tony Pipitone.

During opening arguments Thursday at Ward's trial, the prosecutor painted the real estate developer as a cold-blooded killer.

But Ward says the gun went off when he tried to stop his wife from committing suicide.

"The forensics is going to be interesting in this case, the gunshot residue, and I asked the jurors a lot about how many watch CSI, and do you really believe it's that easy to determine who committed a crime," said Pipitone.

Mallory conceded that her parents argued, but described their marriage this way:

"I hear it was a relationship that was built on respect and two people that loved each other so much," said Mallory testified.

Ward left court with daughter Mallory at his side, Sarah right behind.

Ward could be sentenced to life in prison if he's convicted.