Tareq Salahi Videotapes Kiss Between His Wife and Rock Star

Tareq Salahi seemed surprised to learn that his wife Michaele has run off with a rock star from Journey. Now the infamous White House gate crasher has filed for divorce. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

It's the latest jaw-dropper in the marital meltdown of the White House gatecrashers, Tareq and Michaele Salahi.

The nation was shocked to hear that Michaele Salahi had gone off with Neal Schon, lead guitarist for the rock band Journey.

Live! Host Kelly Rippa said, "This story just warms my heart."

In a video that Tareq Salahi himself filmed just two weeks ago, his wife kisses the rock star, and he even encourages them from the other side of the camera!

"Oh, there you go! Hugs and kisses for Neal! Rock on Journey," said Tareq in the video.

Meanwhile, we've learned that Michaele is on the road with the band, journeying from Memphis to Atlanta, where on Thursday she was spotted shopping for Juicy Couture clothing at a mall.

It's no wonder she needs things to wear:

"All her personal belongings are here in the house! She just walked out with her pocketbook," said Tareq.

Now with the news that Tareq has filed for divorce, it seems that he has had enough.