Trial Of Second Defendant In Petit Family Murders Begins

Dr. William Petit appeared in court today to face the second man standing trial for the brutal murders of his entire family. INSIDE EDITION reports.

He's the sole survivor of a savage home invasion that shocked America.

Today he came face to face with the final defendant accused of wiping out his family.  

"We just hope justice is served. That's all," said Dr. William Petit.

Dr. William Petit was beaten with a baseball bat, and his wife Jennifer and 11-year-old daughter Michaela were raped and murdered. His 17-year-old daughter Hayley was also slain.

31-year-old Joshua Komisarjevsky faces the death penalty if convicted.

Co-defendant Steven Hayes is already on death row following his conviction last year.

The fireworks began in court almost immediately. Defense attorneys objected to members of the Petit family wearing pins and ribbons in memory of the three victims.

The defense called them the "Petit Posse," a phrase prosecutors called offensive. It's a sign that the defense in this trial is going to be very aggressive.

INSIDE EDITIONS Paul Boyd met up with Ellaine Griffin of The Hartfod Courant.

"It brings back some terrible memories of a crime that rocked the community, rocked the state," said Griffin. "These attorneys are seasoned veteran lawyers who have handled some very high profile cases in this state and they are going to do everything they can to keep Komisarjevsky off death row."

"What does all that mean for the Petit family as they sit through another emotional trial?" asked Boyd.

"This is going to be tough for the Petit family just like the first one was. It's going to bring back terrible terrible memories. There's going to be heartbreaking evidence but Dr. Petit stands strong he wants there to be an execution for the second defendant," said Griffin.

Prosecutors say Mrs. Petit was forced to go to a bank to withdraw $15,000. Video showing her warning tellers her family was being held hostage was played for jurors today.

Just minutes after withdrawing the cash, she and her two daughters were murdered.

Dr. Petit arrived with his mother, and his sister held his hand as they entered court.

Dr. Richard Hawke, a Methodist minister and father of the murdered mom was also there for the start of the trial.

"We want to get it started, and get it over with," said Dr. Hawke.