Eleanor Mondale and Kara Kennedy Both Dead at 51


Kara Kennedy was Ted Kennedy's daughter and accepted the Medal of Freedom on his behalf from President Obama.

Eleanor Mondale was former Vice President Walter Mondale's daughter and a glamorous TV and radio personality in her own right.

Now we're learning more about the tragic deaths of the two women, who lost their brave battles with cancer just hours apart, both at age 51.

"I was shocked. I think I was like, 'Wow, oh my goodness,'" said Susie Jones, Modale's Co-Host at WCCO radio in Minneapolis.

Jones told INSIDE EDITION about visiting her close friend, who died Saturday after a recurrence of brain cancer.

Meanwhile, Joan Kennedy was photographed in Boston after her daughter Kara's death and said, "She is with Ted."

Kara, who battled lung cancer for years, collapsed and died at a health club near Washington, D.C. Friday.  

She was Ted Kennedy's oldest child and was by her legendary father's side when he left the hospital after being diagnosed with brain cancer. She gave the eulogy at his funeral in 2009.

Dr. Len Farber of New York City's Farber Center for Radiation Oncology says, "The shocking deaths at age 51 of the daughters of two of America's legendary political families should be a wake-up call for America."

"You're never too young to start to take care of your health and get screenings when appropriate," said Farber.