Dancing with the Stars Opens With a Bang

Dancing with the Stars won big ratings for its season premiere, but it was Chaz Bono who stole the spotlight with his Cha-Cha. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the stars backstage.

It's Chaz Bono's much anticipated debut on Dancing with the Stars, and it turns out he's got rhythm.

ABC won't confirm, but there were reports security was tighter because of Chaz Bono.

"Did you sense there was extra security tonight?" asked INSIDE EDITIONS Jim Moret.

"No, not at all," said Bono.

In the audience, Bono's girlfriend Jennifer Elia got teary-eyed.
But where was Cher?

She wasn't in the audience, but tweeted: "I was so nervous. Wow! How great was my son?"

We asked Bono what his late father Sonny Bono might think.

"I think my dad would have loved this. He was such a showman and I think he would have had a really good time with this," said Bono.
Bono has some tough competition from singer Chynna Phillips and Iraq war hero JR Martinez, who tied for the top scores of the night.

"What would your old Army buddies say?" asked Moret.
"They're supportive of me right now until they start seeing me in heels and spandex," said Martinez.

Backstage George Clooney's ex, Elisabetta Canalis, danced into Moret's arms.

"So did you like the performance?" asked Canalis.

"I did," said Moret.

Rob Kardashian got support from his famous sisters. Khloe even yelled at the judges.

"Clean your ears, I felt all the music," yelled Khloe.

David Arquette gave a dapper performance while his estranged wife Courteney Cox and daughter Coco cheered him on.
"How do you feel with your daughter out there watching you?" asked Moret.

"It's so great," said Arquette.

Backstage we spotted Pee-wee Herman talking to Nancy Grace, who told Moret she was excited her twin girls were there.

Talk about cute, Ron Artest's adorable little girl Diamond?

She's a cancer survivor and her dad is dancing for her.

Artest bleached his hair blond and showed off his new legal name written in purple Hebrew letters on the back of his head.

It's Metta World Peace.

"One crazy guy," said Moret.

"Yeah, I'm pretty weird," laughed Artest.