Dolphin Tail Replacement Inspires Movie

As Dolphin Tale is released in theatres this week, INSIDE EDITION caught up with the real life dolphin and the people who helped it swim again.  

A dolphin has an amazing tale to tell!

Floating happily on her raft she looks like she's in complete bliss sunning herself.

But the sad news is, she's missing her tail fin.

Her name is Winter, and she's not letting her horrific injury slow her down. She always dances happily with her trainer!

Her true story is so inspiring it's been made into a movie, Dolphin Tale, which premiered September 17th.

She lost her tail in a crab trap off the coast of Florida when she was just two months old, and she was saved by a little boy who found her struggling on the beach.

Her tail was so badly damaged, it had to be amputated.

But a dolphin can't live without a tail. Her back will go bad if she can't swim properly, so the determined little boy found a prosthetics doctor willing to take on the biggest challenge of his life.

Morgan Freeman plays the doctor in the movie.

Winter now wears her prosthetic tail for physical therapy.

The special covering they created to protect Winter's sensitive skin from the prosthetic is now helping amputees everywhere ease their pain.

David Yates, Director at Clearwater Marine Aquarium, said, "Now you have young kids and wounded soldiers using Winter's gel to solve their pain and their problems and that is really, really neat!"

Winter plays herself in the movie!

"I call Winter our little dolphin diva! She had a blast. She loves people. Having all these cameras and all these people around paying attention to her, she loved this," said Yates.