Casey Anthony Reportedly Living In Fear

Casey Anthony may be free from jail, but she's a prisoner to a life in hiding from public outrage over her acquittal on murder charges. Reports are now surfacing that she may be considering leaving the country to start a new life. INSIDE EDITION ha

When she was in jail awaiting trial, 25-year-old Casey Anthony looked forward to a day when she would be free.

But now she's finding little joy beyond the prison bars.

Casey Anthony is living in fear, according to a cover story in the new People magazine.

People's Joey Bartolomeo said, "Casey is living in fear. There's been so many threats against her, that she really is afraid."

Casey is staying in a secret hideout in northern Florida, and has little contact with the outside world. 

People magazine reports that she "plans to learn a new language because she realizes she may have to live in another country. [She has] No work, no friends, no family ties."

Casey got a taste of people's hatred for her on August 9th, which would have been little Caylee's sixth birthday.

"Casey ended up getting birthday cards and really cute things with balloons and kittens on the cover. When she opened them up, they had horrible messages in them, including one that said, 'Caylee will never be six because of you,' " said Bartolomeo.

Casey also watched her parents appearance on Dr. Phil, and felt betrayed, especially by this exchange:

"Do you think Casey was involved in Caylee's death?" asked Dr. Phil.

"The last one I saw Caylee with was Casey, in my mind, one and one adds up to two," responded Casey's father George.

"Casey's relationship with her father is basically over. And she really struggles with her relationship with her mother," said Bartolomeo.

She is receiving counseling and now "she has started to recognize her lies and what they did to people," a source tells the magazine.