Daughter of Accused Murderer Bob Ward Weeps on the Stand

Sarah Ward broke down while testifying at the trial of her father, millionaire Bob Ward, who is charged with murdering his wife. INSIDE EDITION reports.

The daughter of the millionaire accused of murdering his wife wept on the stand.

Sarah Ward was testifying at the trial of her father, real estate tycoon Bob Ward.

He is accused of shooting his wife Diane in the head at their mansion near Orlando, Florida.

Sarah, 19, strode confidently to the witness box when she was called to testify.

At first she spoke calmly.

"How close were you to your mother?" the prosecutor asked.

"She was my best friend," said Sarah.

But that changed when Ward displayed a flash of temper as his daughter was put on the spot by the prosecutor.

"You were not there when your mother ended up shot in the face?" asked the prosecutor.

Ward pounded on the table with his fist, furious at the line of questioning.

Sarah stood up in tears after her father's angry outburst.

The judge ordered his lawyers to keep him under control.

"It's never good for a defendant to have an outburst of any kind, much less pounding your fist on the table. Whatever his reason for doing it, it wasn't helpful," says ABC News Chief Legal Analyst Dan Abrams.  

Also on the stand Tuesday was the dead woman's sister, Paula Saare.

Saare was visiting Ward in prison when he did the bizarre dance and striptease that was caught on tape.

Prosecutors also played video of Ward calmly calling his brother-in-law from the police interrogation room.

"Diane's dead," said Ward.

"Oh, no."

"And it's not real pretty right now," he added.

"How did it happen?"

"Well, that's another story," Ward said.

Ward has pleaded not guilty to second degree murder.

The prosecution wrapped up its case, and the defense is expected to last for two days.

"I expect that there are a lot of expert witnesses," says Abrams. "The defense wants to offer these jurors science to hold on to."

Bob Ward claims his wife was accidentally shot when he tried to stop her from committing suicide. He faces life in prison if convicted.