Kirstie Alley Stunning At 60 After Dramatic Weight Loss

Kirstie Alley has lost a ton of weight and is looking fabulous, but is she really a size 6 as she claims? One fashion guru says not a chance! INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Look at her now! Kirstie Alley says she's already lost a hundred pounds and that she's down to a size 6.  

She's featured in the latest issue of People magazine, posing in a tight dress surrounded by shirtless hunks.

It was during her stint on Dancing with the Stars that she lost the first 60 pounds.

She credits her own diet program, "Organic Liaison," with helping her drop the next 40.  

On her diet website Alley has before and after pictures along with the claim that's she's now a size 6.

But some people who saw her walk the runway during New York Fashion Week are having doubts.

Fashion guru and Project Runway regular Tim Gunn weighed in when asked about it on a Tampa radio station.

"If you had to say Kirstie Alley's real size, what would you say technically you think she probably is?" asked Tampa 98.7.

"I think she is between an eight and a 10," said Gunn.

While Gunn says he think Alley looks great, he makes the point that the industry wants women to feel better about themselve's by downsizing their real dress size.

"A four is really a six or an eight," said Gunn.

No matter what size she is, there is another number that you can't ignore when talking about Alley these days.

Can you believe she is 60 years old?