Baby Born in Dramatic Roadside Delivery

INSIDE EDITION talks to the Utah man who is earning praise for keeping his cool when his wife went into labor on the side of the road.

Nobody wants to give birth like this woman's dramatic roadside delivery.

"I don't ever want to do that again, that's for sure," says Ben Marsden.

Ashley and Ben Marsden were on their way to the hospital for the delivery when fate intervened.

Ben: "I think I'm going to pull over and start to deliver this baby."

Ben: "Ash, keep calm. We're pulling over."

911 Operator: "How many months is she?"

Ben: "She's nine."

Operator: "She is nine? Ok."

Ben: "She's a week away from her due date."

Operator: "Ok, let me know when you're pulled over, ok?"

"I flipped a switch in my brain and all I thought about was, 'I've got to get this baby out,' " Ashley says.

Ben pulled over.

Operator: "Let me know if you can see any part of the baby."

Ben: "Ok."

Ben: "I can see the head of the baby just a little bit."

Operator: "Have her take deep breaths between contractions."

Ben: "Deep, deep, breaths."

Ashley can be heard screaming in the background.

Operator: "Apply firm but gentle pressure to keep the baby's head from delivering too fast, Ok?"

Ben: "Ok, I think he's coming out."

Ben: "Here he comes."

Operator: "Ok, hold the hips and legs firmly."

Ben: "He's out. I got him out."

Operator: "Is he breathing or crying?"

Ben: "He's crying. He's crying."

Ben shot a touching video right after his son's birth.

When rescuers got to the scene, the baby was already wrapped up and in his mother's arms.

The baby, who they've named Hawk, is doing fine. He's joined his two sisters and his brother at their home near Ogden, Utah.

The irony of the whole story is that Ashley had planned to go under hypnosis at the hospital because she wanted a relaxing, quiet delivery.

"[It was] quite a different experience than what I got prepared for," Ashley says.

And get this: Ashley was actually born at home because her mother couldn't make it to the hospital.