Gunman Opens Fire in Arkansas Courthouse

James Palmer entered an Arkansas courthouse armed with three guns and opened fire, reportedly targeting the judge who had handled his divorce. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Bullets flew as a crazed gunman opened fire in a courthouse, and everyone ran for their lives!

Surveillance cameras captured the nightmare, which began as the gunman calmly climbed the steps, set down his motorcycle helmet, and embarked upon his deadly mission.

His bulky jacket hid two handguns and an assault rifle. He loaded his gun, entered an office, and fired away! A terrified woman hid under a desk, another frantically ran down the hall, banged on the door and escaped into an office. Others call 911.

Caller: "Emergency over here at the courthouse!"

911 Operator: "Ok, what's going on?"

Caller: "Gunfire!"

Operator: "Ok, is anybody shot?"

Caller: "I don't know, we're all hiding."

Operator: "You didn't see anyone with a gun at all?"

Caller: "No, but we heard at least ten shots."

The gunman, James Palmer, was upset about an order of protection that had been granted to his ex-wife by Arkansas Circuit Judge Gary Cottrell. When told the judge wasn't in his office, Palmer opened fire.

"This man intended to hurt. The bullet hole is above where my secretary's head is. She got under there, he took two shots into the desk after he found out that I wasn't there," said Judge Cottrell.

The judge's secretary was shot in the leg. Palmer rushed outside and was brought down in a shootout with cops.

Police officers then poured into the courthouse to the relief of everyone inside.

Shortly before Palmer began shooting, he sent his mother this haunting text message: "Today's the day. Today I'm going to die."

The courthouse says they will probably be hiring extra security guards.