Incoherent Kim Delaney Escorted Off Stage In Philadelphia

Actress Kim Delaney, who became a star on NYPD Blue, appeared incoherent and had to be escorted off the stage while making a personal appearance yesterday. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was a bizarre appearance by actress Kim Delaney.

"Fathers,children, loved ones," Delaney started.

The star of TV's Army Wives looked disoriented and disheveled as she gave a speech in Philadelphia Thursday.

"Make, good, what I've learned The Constitution Center," Delaney continued.

49-year-old Delaney, best known for her breakout role on NYPD Blue, was raised in Philadelphia and was asked to help honor former defense secretary Robert's Gates at the National Constitution Center.

But midway through her incoherent and rambling speech, she had to be escorted off the stage.

The anchors at Fox 29 expressed concern this morning.

"Well it appeared she was a little disoriented, I hope she's okay," one anchor.

There has been no comment from the actress. 

There was no sign of trouble when she taped an appearance on The View Friday. The show was pre-taped Wednesday. She was there as a former cast member of All My Children.

Delaney has had issues with substance abuse in the past. She was arrested for drunk driving in 2002 and entered rehab in 2003 and again in 2006.