Is Tila Tequila Grieving?

The girlfriend of Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson says she's in mourning over Casey's death.  But the way she's grieving is certainly raising eyebrows.  INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Tila Tequila did not look like she's in mourning.

She was posing provocatively outside her Los Angeles home, despite claiming to be heartbroken over the death of her girlfriend, Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson.

She laughed and giggled as she placed a flower in a revealing top and posed with a welcome mat that says, "Leave."

She revealed she's appearing on Larry King live next week.  Tila said, "I'm not doing any interviews. I just want to do Larry King. Hi Larry!  Keeping my mouth shut for you!" 

She also talked about going to the Golden Globes.

"I don't know what I'll be doing there but they'll just call me an attention whore for showing up. Golden Globes. Is that TV?" asked Tila.

Tila's bizarre public antics are disgusting the friends and family of Casey Johnson, who was found dead just five days ago.

The 30-year-old wild child's family is the 10th wealthiest in America. Her father, Woody Johnson, owns the New York Jets.

"It would be nice if Tila showed a shred of dignity through this process," a source close to the family said.

Tequila shot back at the family on her twitter page saying, "Some ppl think just cuz they're rich that they can stomp all over other ppl."  Referring to Casey as her wife, she wrote, "My wife hated wonder she wanted to marry me."

But Casey's former girlfriend, model Jasmine Lennard said family members were desperately trying to get the tragic heiress into rehab when she died.

"Tila is absolutely out of her ___ mind," she said.

It's all leading to a potential showdown at Casey Johnson's funeral in New York this weekend.

When asked if she thinks she is going to New York for the funeral, Tila said
 "I can't talk about that."