Lindsay Lohan Sues Over TV Ad

Lindsay Lohan is suing over an E*Trade ad that debuted during the Super Bowl because she says that one of the babies in the ad is based on her. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Lindsay Lohan is getting blasted for being "such a baby!"

The troubled starlet filed a lawsuit over a popular E*Trade commercial that debuted during the Super Bowl.

The ad features a baby referred to as "that milkaholic Lindsey"

Lohan claims the milk-addicted baby in the ad is modeled after her!  

Lohan's lawyer says that just like Oprah, Madonna, and Cher, Lindsay has single name recognition. "Many celebrities are known by one name only. They're using her name as a parody of her life. This is a subliminal message."

Lohan is now demanding that the commercial for the financial company be pulled off the air, and she's suing for $100 million.

The Lindsay lawsuit is sparking plenty of bemused reaction.

"I just think it's the height of narcissism to think that that is about yourself!" said Kathie Lee Gifford on the Today show.

"Before I don't think anybody put two and two together because they were laughing at the babies but now that's all we're going to think about is Lindsay Lohan," Whoopi Goldberg commented on The View.

Talk about crying over spilt milk!

The producers of the spot say they just used a "popular baby name" that also happened to be the name of someone on their production staff.