Nancy Grace Says There Was No Wardrobe Malfunction

Nancy Grace tells INSIDE EDITION she did not have a wardrobe malfunction on Dancing with the Stars, and has the evidence to prove it.

We're learning more about Nancy Grace's so-called wardrobe malfunction on Dancing with the Stars. She now says it didn't happen.

"There was not a nipple slippage and there was not a wardrobe malfunction," Grace told INSIDE EDITION.

During her quickstep her right breast popped out and it appeared you could see her nipple. But Grace said what viewers saw were actually pasties, and the former prosecutor showed INSIDE EDITION the evidence.

"I feel like I'm in a strip club wearing pasties, but those are under there too," said Grace.

Grace returns next week and so will Chaz Bono. Backstage INSIDE EDITION spotted Bono hugging his girlfriend, Jennifer, who was crying a river of tears, happy he will continue. Bono told us his mom, Cher, is helping him with his painful knee problem.

"My mom is sending me people that she works with when she is doing her show," said Bono.

Bono's dancing partner Lacey Schwimmer said, "We're doing everything we can at this point."

As Elisabetta Canalis appeared on stage to learn her fate, across town her former boyfriend George Clooney was on the red carpet for the premiere of his new political thriller The Ides of March. But Canalis was booted, and she and her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, blame the fact that few people in America even know who she is.

"I'm Maks's younger brother and she's George Clooney's ex-girlfriend and that is the fan base that we have," said Chmerkovskiy.