Women Take the Lead in Raunchy Comedies

With movies like Bridesmaids, Bad Teacher and What’s Your Number?, women are scoring big at the box office in raunchy comedies. INSIDE EDITION talks to Anna Faris about the changing face of comedy.

In her new film What's Your Number? Anna Faris plays a woman who thinks she's slept with too many guys. Not exactly the girl next door.

At the movie premiere, Faris told INSIDE EDITION, "This felt like such a relatable character because she's such a mess, she's kind of a loser. It just completely appealed to me."

What's Your Number? is part of a new trend in Hollywood of raunchy female leads. This past summer's Bridesmaids starring Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy was the highest grossing R-rated female comedy in history. And Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz raked in more than $200 million worldwide.

Women are taking on roles that traditionally have been the province of bawdy comedies like The Hangover.

At the New York screening of What's Your Number? Anna Faris told INSIDE EDITION she has to walk a fine line.

"Comedy is always changing and I think that we want to see characters that we can really relate to," said Faris.

Considering the success of these movies, you can expect to see lots more girls going wild onscreen.