Farmer Halts Rihanna's Video Shoot

A farmer put a stop to the filming of Rihanna’s new music video after he saw what she was wearing…or rather, what she wasn’t wearing. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop

Was Rihanna filmed frolicking in a field. It may not seem all that shocking to her fans but the farmer who owns the field was so outraged, he ordered her off his land!

Rihanna was filming her new music video in a barley field in Ireland, with just a bandana covering her breasts, but when the bandana came off, the farmer stepped in.

Graham spoke out on Irish radio.

"I felt unhappy and uncomfortable with what was happening on my land," said the 61-year-old farmer.

"I felt things became inappropriate and I requested that the filming end."

"Why did you believe that they became inappropriate?" asked the interviewer.

"The young lady in question was ceasing to be dressed in an appropriate manner," said Graham.

"She wasn't wearing a whole lot basically?" the interviewer said.

Before Rihanna and her crew left, the farmer gave the provocative singer a lecture on morals!

He says they shook hands and parted on good terms.