New York Magazine Cover Shocks with Naked Pregnant 63-Year-Old

INSIDE EDITION talks to the model, a 63-year-old woman, who appears naked and pregnant on the cover of the latest issue of New York magazine.

The cover of New York magazine shocked anyone browsing a newsstand this week.

The cover features a grey-haired, 63-year-old woman, pregnant and naked, illustrating a story about women over 50 having babies.

The photo mimics the famous Vanity Fair cover featuring a pregnant Demi Moore in an identical pose.

But the picture is not what it seems.

"I'm 63, I'm not going to be pregnant," says Maye Musk, the model in the photo.

She did pose nude, but she says the final picture is the result of some Photoshop magic.

"They did have a model who was nine months pregnant, and used her belly and just put it onto me," Musk says.